About Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico's customs, traditions and culture go back several hundred years in time. Its spectacular natural landscapes and its citizens leave all its tourists in love. Puerto Rico is a territory whose various historical periods have blended to form the foundation of who Puerto Ricans are today. Our blood is a mixture of Taino, Spanish and African. Crops such as coffee, bananas, tobacco, rice, and especially sugar cane are part of the cultural roots of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico became a free associated state of the USA in 1952 and its official languages are Spanish and English. 

A central component of our culture and tradition is our food and flavors, which bring people from all backgrounds to the table to enjoy our culinary creations.

Thanks to the Africans for the method, the Spaniards for the ingredients and the Taino Indians for the elaboration, Puerto Rico has one of its most famous dishes built into the culture and identity of our land; the mofongo, which is our specialty.

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